you probably already know what's up. just a place for me to put random links to things or sites i enjoy. nothing here will be obscure or scary.
helpful sites!
waifu2x — a really great image resizer and noise reduction tool.
ezgif — literally da best gif editor ever.
html-color-codes — lets you pick colors from pictures. — awesome blinkie maker that comes with a bunch of cool templates.
hover.css — bunch of hover effects! i used so many of these...
zingerbug — filled with free seamless, organized backgrounds. almost every background on my site comes from here.
metal-archives — a metal band encyclopedia.
occult-world — epic occult database.
yokai — japanese yokai database.
jose-hernandez — the portfolio of an oil painter i really like.
vocaloid lost media — playlist of lost vocaloid songs (i hope someday we will be able to find interface...).
puginarug — a pug... in a rug