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❝Whaaaaam! Wacka wow! Inside the sizzling oven, Rockstar Cookie discovered the sound of rock 'n' roll. He realized that to move the audience, one must not only be talented but also feel the true Rock Spirit within! Many legendary hits were created with that philosophy in mind. Every Cookie who has seen Rockstar Cookie perform was changed forever. The blazing sound! The overwhelming charisma! The legend might have taken a path different from his earlier days filled with experimentation, but his Rock Spirit still resonates with everyone!❞
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Rockstar Cookie (Korean: 락스타맛 쿠키) is a Rare Cookie released alongside his Pet, Spotlight Fan Spotlight Fan, during the Launch of Cookie Run: OvenBreak. In Cookie Run Kingdom, Rockstar Cookie is an Epic Cookie released in the Summer Soda Rock Festa update (v4.7). Rockstar Cookie is a famous musician who performs his spirited songs with near effortlessness.❞ — Cookie Run Wiki
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WORK IN PROGRESS! man i just love this middle aged man.
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made with duct tape & love ♡ assests & character belongs to devsisters!
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